Is VyprVPN Right For You?

With more and more hardware and software choices popping up every day, security is on everyone’s minds. Personal computers and mobile devices are at constant risk of hacking and spoofing. As you navigate online, your device sends and receives data packets, which – if you do not have the right protection – can be compromised by a hacker. Using a VPN (virtual private network) service masks your IP address, adding protective measures to ensure your privacy. We tried out Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service to see how well it works and if it’s a viable solution that will protect you without hindering the performance of your devices. Our take? It’s worth it. And here’s why… [Read more…]

Is the IPVanish VPN Service Any Good?

The cold hard reality of using the Internet is that every single time you log on everything about you is being tracked by a million and one different entities, whether you know it or not.

And I’m not just talking about the governmental agencies or cookie stuffing websites looking to sell you some form of modern-day snake oil to fill their less than ethical marketer bank accounts, but also talking about legitimate – and not so legitimate – entities looking to gain access to as much of your personal information as humanly possible to use for their own reasons.

This could be something as simple and subtle as getting you to fill out all of the information that Facebook asks as accurately as humanly possible, or as malicious as sending you real looking emails that secretly back door install all different kinds of malicious software and technology to track each and every one of your keystrokes in an effort to steal your identity. [Read more…]

Breaking Down the Barriers of the Internet with a VPN Service Provider

You try to go to a specific website, but you see a red flag that lets you know your access to that site is blocked. You try to download a particular program from the Internet, but you see another red flag letting you know that you are not able to access that download either. These are just two of the many red flags that you can encounter within a relatively short period just by searching the Internet because of a wide range of blocks and restricted access. Whether it is through your computers firewall or your Internet service provider, these restrictions can become frustrating and present massive roadblocks when it comes to finding resources online that you may need either for personal or professional purposes. However, the very best approach to take in order to avoid these red flags altogether is to invest in a high quality VPN service. [Read more…]

PureVPN Review – Uncover the Truth Here!

Finding the perfect Virtual Private Network (VPN) service may seem like an impossible task, especially since there are so many different services currently available to choose from today. Not too long ago, virtual private networks were unheard of but nowadays many business professionals hear about them regularly in the workplace.

The rising popularity of these networks is primarily due to the rising prevalence of internet security threats and attacks from cybercriminals. In order to keep your confidential data protected and secure, it is important to find a VPN provider that is going to be able to meet your needs and offer premium features and quality service. Over the years, PureVPN has been able to maintain a successful track record at exceeding those expectations for their customers. [Read more…]

StrongVPN – Review of Reliability, Security, Speed and Support

Internet privacy has become a hot button issue over the last few years. Users want to be able to browse privately and safely, which is why many turn to VPN providers like Strong VPN. Strong VPN is rated as one of the best VPN services on the Internet. Strong VPN is powered by a large and customizable network that can provide a number of benefits to Internet users, who are concerned with security and privacy. This Strong VPN review will break down some of the most common uses for a VPN and some of the advantages that Strong VPN offers over the competition. [Read more…]

6 Tips To Use When Identifying The Best VPN Provider

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a group of discreet networks connected together over the internet. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from accessing a VPN; individuals are able to access the internet when they are not within range of their Local Area Network (LAN) or as a way of securing and encrypting their data when they are on a public network that is not trusted. Businesses on the other hand use VPNs to access information from remote data centers.

Having established why a VPN is an important asset to own for people who use the internet frequently, the challenge is how to find the best VPN provider. Imagine a scenario where you are in a cyber café and you are connected to free Wi-Fi. If you are surfing the net for confidential information or information that is very sensitive, you may not help but wonder if your connection is secure. After all, if anyone can access the free Wi-Fi, anyone can eavesdrop on your online communication and hack into your emails and retrieve sensitive and private data. This is why you need to find the best VPN provider using the following criteria. [Read more…]

How To Choose The Fastest VPN Service

Nowadays, there are many people using VPN services for their business purposes. If you want to find the fastest VPN service, you have to consider several factors. In this article, you will find many information that you need in order to find the best VPN service that can meet your needs and preferences. [Read more…]

What Do You Need To Know About a VPN Tunnel?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a technology that can create a secure and safe network connection on the public network, such as Internet or any private networks owned by service providers. There are many large corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions that use VPN technology in order to enable all remote users to connect to the private network securely. A VPN is able to connect several sites over a large distance like the Wide Area Network or WAN. [Read more…]

What Is A VPN?

VPN accessVirtual private network (VPN) is a type of network technology that is designed to create a very secure network connection over a public network such as those at WiFi hotspots or even the private network that is owned by a specified service provider. Several educational institutions and government agencies as well as large corporations are using the virtual private network technology to allow remote users to securely connect to their private network. Virtual private networks also allow multiple connections over long distances much like a wide area network (WAN). VPNs are mainly used to extend intranets all over the world to disseminate information as well as news to a much wider user base. It enables the sharing of files and video conferencing as well as other similar network services. Virtual private networks do not provide any additional functions other than the ones existing now. What they only do is to implement those services in a more efficient manner, in a cheaper way, and retains better security because it is a restricted network. [Read more…]